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Hardwood garage doors

This is another of our bespoke services. Our garage doors are manufactured in the same way as our steel and wooden in-filled gates and are manufactured to a very high standard using your design and specification.

The steel work is fully prepared and then galvanised and/or powder coated. This can be done in the colour of your choice, perhaps to match any existing window frames or fascia work you may have. A choice of soft or hard wood is then fitted within the frame. This can be stained to suit your requirements or teak oil can be applied to ensure long term low maintenance. All edges are then cloaked to hide any cuts of the wood and improve appearance of the gates when complete. A steel frame manufactured using 100mm x 50mm box section can be used to frame the garage opening initially and then the doors securely fixed using security bolts to the frame. This provides an extremely solid, neat and well finished job and may stabilise any weaknesses in the brickwork.

Due to the similarities with our gates you may wish to automate your garage doors in a completely different way to the conventional up and over operators. If this is not required, then a professional key lock can be installed to provide maximum security.

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